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Quanzhou xing ChengDa textile co., LTD

Quanzhou city in fujian province xing ChengDa textile co., LTD,Headquarters is located in fujian province jinjiang development zone),Two factory is located in big brin community,Is a collection research and development、Production...

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The 18th annual China(Jinjiang)The international shoes industry(The sports industry)Exposition The success of the



2014Years3Month31Number-4Month2The international exhibition in Hong Kong



2014In the 16th China(Jinjiang)International footwear fair a complete success


The company headquarters:Jinjiang city of fujian province science and technology industrial park area code) The Marketing Department:Jinjiang shoes spin city3A055-056 The phone company:0595-82695222 Telephone marketing:0595-82679000
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